Today has been prolific for me in terms of starting posts but not finishing them (what can I say, I have a day job) but this one deserves a quick hell to the yeah.

As in our clothing metaphor, there are some people who are close to typical gender binary and others so far outside culturally determined typical for their sex/gender that they can’t simply say “whatever, close enough”. Some of them are like the smalls in our clothing example. They’re women who are a little too butch for comfort or men a little too effeminate to be reasonable*, but in a big enough city, in the right atmosphere they get by. Some people, however, are like our 2XLs: the gender binary simply does not fit them no matter how hard they try. You simply can’t fit 10lbs of potatoes in a 5lb bag, and a man who identifies as a woman in our gender binary is the 10lbs of potatoes.

PersonalFailure goes on to describe what happens when she’s made Empress of the World, which I think would basically rock except for the part where we’d all have to wear high heels on alternate Thursdays. Anyway, this post is just rad, so everyone should read it.