Yesterday just before I left work I spoke to someone who claimed to be a student who wanted to switch programs. I emailed her at the address listed in our records and asked her to confirm the switch. This morning I had two phone calls from the student and a phone call and email from her advisor asking wtf was up. Apparently the kid’s mom had pretended to be her on the phone with me to try to get the switch. I called everyone back to explain what happened. The kid said, “Yeah, my mom does that sometimes.” The advisor just laughed.

This morning I decided to wear a new Lucie Lu dress (about two sizes too big) with leggings pushed up to my knees, a cardigan, and mary janes. What I did not do was shave my legs, but whatevs. Two people told me I look nice and I feel like I’m wearing the comfiest pyjamas ever. Win.

And then I found out that Lord of the Dance is at my university just for tonight. You guys. I went to Busch Gardens for my honeymoon and saw a cheesy little Irish dance troupe on a cheesy little stage and it moved me to tears. I have a deep connection to all things Riverdance. I had class last night until 10 and haven’t slept well since Saturday and tickets are stupid expensive (student discount is only $5, what is up with that?) and partner is really terribly disinterested but I hate to go to shows alone, but dance. With partner’s blessing I rounded up a co-worker, and we are going to see LORD. OF. THE. DANCE.

Plus I’m already wearing a pretty dress and it’s so comfy I don’t even care if I end up wearing it for 14 hours. I AM AWESOME.