[itty bitty spoiler warning]

I just found this Canadian show called Lost Girl and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be amaaaaazing. Here’s how I know:

The main character, Bo, is some as-yet unidentified supernatural being that can suck the life out of people. She saves a girl in a bar, Kenzie, from being roofied, and the next morning Bo takes a freaked-out Kenzie out for milkshakes. Kenzie says, “Okay, some things are just too stupid to say out loud,” and passes Bo a napkin on which she has written, “I am an alien” and “I am a demon” with ticky boxes next to each statement. I LOLed. The next 10 minutes got even more interesting, so I basically love this show now.

ETA: And then the second episode was less interesting than my homework, so there you go. However, I’m still glad I got to see that early scene.