So I just found this awesome thing: fuckyeahcomicsecrets. And I know some of the characters (mostly Marvel, hardly any DC, because DC treats women like crap on and off the pages) and then I got to this one:

This is when I lost 50% of my remaining respect for Bendis.

[Image description: four comic book panels showing Jessica Jones and Danny Rand. Jessica’s speech bubble says, “You are his brother, Danny. And this baby is his.” Danny’s speech bubble says, “Says you.” Next to the comic panels is a block of text added by a contributer to fuckyeahcomicsecrets reading, “I never forgave Danny for saying this. It was Pure Slut-Shaming. Stfu, Danny, and go find another culture to appropriate. The fact that Fandom forgave him and forces Jessica to fuck him in Jessica/Luke/Danny fics that are all about Luke/Danny in all honesty makes me judge them hard. The fact that they ignore the black woman Danny has dated for years for some white pussy and more cock makes me even angrier. Dear fandom: your misogyny and racism is showing. And now. you aren’t absolved of racism just because you fangirl Luke Cage.”]

My comic guru had me read all of Alias and The Pulse and started me on New Avengers because he thought I’d like Jessica Jones. I’m okay with Jessica Jones, but she spends a lot of time without agency – that is, reacting to what’s going on around her.

I can’t speak to the fanfic mentioned in this secret, but I was losing interest in Jessica’s story all throughout Vol. 2 of Alias, and these panels here really killed it for me. I can maybe see Danny so upset at Luke’s injury that he gets mad and says something stupid. But total racist slut-shaming? And nobody calls him out? Jessica doesn’t punching him in the fucking face for that shit? Misty Knight (whoeverthefuck that is) sorta tells him to shut up (the line is “You haven’t slept, you’re getting goofy”) but that’s possibly the weakest response possible and completely minimizes the fact that he just accused Jessica of trapping Luke into a relationship with a pregnancy.

And then, with no further on-page discussion of this shit (when an injured Luke asks Jessica if Danny is treating her well, she says that he is), the couple name that same fucking baby after Danny fucking Rand. Because it’s totally okay for a man to utterly degrade a woman when his best friend is in danger. Shut up, Bendis.