I’m considering a post about why Hanna looks almost as bad as Sucker Punch, but the thought isn’t fully formed yet. For now, here’s something I saw on the NYT this morning:

Samantha, a cheerful photographer’s assistant from Minnesota, hires Jimmy so she can explore her urge to, as she puts it, “control a man and deny him any happiness.” (It turns out she means handcuffs, not marriage.)

The story is a review of a Showtime series about straight male prostitutes (called, obviously, Gigolos), and it seems that the reviewer is working very hard to convince us that sex workers are sad and pathetic people. I’m not sure why the reviewer decided to make the “joke” about women trapping men when discussing a show that explores non-normative expressions of sexuality. The other clients described are a straight married couple who hire a sex worker to celebrate a birthday and a woman who hires four men (though the reviewer felt it was important to note that one of the men backs out of the job when he learns that he’s not the only one).

The men and their manager are described as “sad,” “sleazy,” “weary,” and “weird,” and the show itself as “gross.” Not having seen the show, I’m not sure if this was the aim of the production or if this reviewer simply wants to load up the judgement. Either way, the not-at-all-subtle dig at heteronormative marriage roles was entirely superfluous and made what could have been a simple (though shaming) critique of a show that glorifies sex work into something much more misogynist – a disgust and bafflement that women might actually have specific sexual desires and be willing to pay to fulfill them.