With Comic Con approaching, CNN.com is taking a closer look at the influential women of science fiction.

Ladies, we want to hear how watching sci-fi television shows and movies has changed your life. Did you get inspired to become a pilot because of Star Trek? Did you learn how to stand up from yourself by watching Battlestar Galactica?

Take a picture of yourself with memorabilia — or dressed as your favorite female character — from your favorite sci-fi show and tell us how it has influenced you. –  CNN.com

First of all, who wrote that copy? It’s terrible. Star Trek and BSG are the only references you can think of? Do you know, like, ANYTHING about this topic? Really, CNN. Fire that guy and hire me.

Secondly and more importantly, fuck you CNN. Would anyone ever ask men if they had learned to stand up for themselves by watching TV? Hell. no.

Exploring the influence of media on our lives can be fascinating, from finding catchphrases and references that have embedded themselves in the culture (Homer Simpson’s “D’oh!” immediately comes to mind) to stories of fans who recreate Hobbiton in their backyards or whatever. Sci-fi fans get singled out because their interests are blatantly outside of the mainstream – no one would blink at a Sex and the City fan collecting Samantha-inspired fashions, but anyone wearing a Starfleet uniform outside a convention is an easy target. (Yes I knoooooow this is a terribly dated reference but I don’t actually have live TV, I only watch DVDs. What’s a current popular show with constant gender policing? Mad Men? I don’t even know.)

But to ask women how a particular genre has changed our lives, implying that if not for sci-fi, we female fans would otherwise be entirely ignorant of the possibilities of, say, being a pilot or standing up for ourselves (SERIOUSLY CNN WHAT THE FUCK), now that’s just insulting. I can’t talk about the ways in which sci-fi has changed my life. That’s like talking about how being a woman has changed my life. This is my life, as a woman and as a sci-fi fan.

I have been inspired by dozens of characters, from Deanna Troi to Cordelia Vorkosigan to Aeryn Sun to Donna Noble. My husband, who is a man, has also been inspired by those characters, because that’s what characters are for. Fandom has been a big part of my life, contributing the majority of my close friends and even my husband. Without those things, I’d have something else. Probably not fashion or shoes or going to the gym, because that’s not who I am. But some women are, and some of those women are sci-fi fans, because women are not a monolith and people can have lots of interests.

So, in conclusion, with more passion than rational thought, shut up CNN. Also that bit about making sure the contributing “ladies” only dress up as their favorite female characters is some extra bonus bullshit. Anyone else get the feeling they just wanted an excuse to sift through sexy cosplaying photos?