I’m not quite sure what you’re asking. Do you have a student on our program?

So your daughter is here  in the U.S.?

Oh, okay. Well, what we do is send U.S. students over to Australia. It sounds like your daughter is hosting exchange students from Australia.

Ma’am, there is no University of Brisbane; do you mean Griffith University or the University of Queensland?

Does your daughter know where they are from? You could probably ask her.

Oh, I see. Well, I’m not sure the university would know where your daughter and the students have gone if they are in the U.S.

Certainly I can help you find the phone numbers for the universities. Do you have acess to the internet? *

Okay, I will find the numbers for you. [Reads off phone numbers for international offices at both universities]

Yes, those are the numbers listed on the website, I’m not just making them up.

Well, I don’t know where your daughter is, so I’m not sure how else to help you. Good luck. [hangs up]

*After she hung up, my co-worker explained that the woman’s response was, “Yes, but my computer is being forensically searched right now.”