I am a chick – queer, happily married, cis, temporarily able bodied, living in one of the middle states in the U.S., prone to anxiety, depression, insomnia,  eating carbs, reading blogs at work, and napping on the weekends. I work with privileged college students and their parents and I’m getting my Master’s in School Counseling. Despite this, I’m a pretty judgy and unsupportive person.

I have a monkey – the late Bongo was last seen in 2003, but his associates Zongo and Frongo keep me company these days. (No, the monkey is not real. It is a Ty Beanie Buddy. Knowing this makes the story of my marriage proposal less impressive.)

This is my blog – deal with it. (This would be funnier if I could get the video to start at 48 seconds like YouTube says it will.)